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Our Specialities

Keeping Your Eye in Good Health

Eye Disease Diagnosis

We offer a truly comprehensive Eye Disease Diagnosis for all ages. With advanced technology and a professional staff, all your needs will be met with care and precision. Go ahead and book an appointment today.


Eye Examination

At Vision Venture, we take the time to understand our patients' history and needs. Our staff strives to provide care that is thorough and precise. We welcome questions prior to your appointment, so please get in touch with any concerns.

Eye Exam

Retinal Evaluation and Management

The retina is the most critical part of the eye and Retina treatment should be handled by experts for better treatment and vision loss prevention. Vision Venture specialist doctors have extensive knowledge and experience in offering retina treatment to the patient based on the requirement (Surgical & Non-Surgical).



Oculoplasty surgery is offered as a cosmetic, corrective and reconstructive eye surgery in cases of retinoblastoma and ocular-orbital eye defects.
Vision Venture offers comprehensive and contemporary approaches for diagnosing and treating eye defects. Vision Venture surgeons have more than two decade of experience for treating eye patients and providing them with a post-operative care.



A cataract is an ocular condition where the lens inside of the eye has become cloudy and hardened over time, allowing less and less light to enter.
Restore cataract related vision loss at Vision Venture, we have advanced phacoemulsification technique surgery so that you can continue your routine life without any interruptions with minimum time of recovery.


Speciality Contact lenses

Specialty contacts are lenses that are designed for patients who have corneal conditions or other eye issues for which conventional contacts aren't suitable, like

  • Keratoconus

  • Post Lasik Ectasia

At Vision Venture we provide the best suitable contact lens depending upon your condition.


Myopia Control Options

Myopia is a chronic, Progressive shift of power characterized by elongation, risk of associated sight threatening complications.
It is really important to have control on refractive power at the early stage of life, we provide the best treatment plan for slowing down of myopia progression.

Perscription Glasses

Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is extensively supervised program via advanced software to improve visual functions under observation of our expert team.


Low Vision Aids

Low vision therapy includes an evaluation of patients' visual abilities, prescription of low vision devices and training of their use.
Our goal is to maximize the use of patients' available vision for various task.


Nutrition Consultation

Don’t put off scheduling your next Eye Nutrition Consultation. Vision Venture  have made it easy for you to book online and come in at your earliest convenience. Nothing is overlooked when it comes to your Eye health—book your next Nutrition Consultation today.


Annual Check-up

Visiting Vision Venture is knowing that you’re in great hands. They do their best to provide same-day appointments so you’ll always stay on top of your medical needs. To book your next Annual Check-up, contact the clinic today.

Doctor's Appointment

Dispensing Optical Store

Welcome to our Specialty Optical Dispensing Store, where precision meets style. We offer a curated selection of high-quality eyewear, tailored to meet diverse visual needs and aesthetic preferences. Our expert opticians provide personalized fitting services, ensuring optimal comfort and clarity. Whether you need prescription glasses, stylish frames, or custom lenses, our store combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional customer service to deliver the perfect vision solution for you.

Glasses Fitting
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